Is Herbal Tea Good for You?

Is herbal tea good for you? The increasing popularity of this alternative to tea and coffee may have you wondering about the benefits of herbal tea for your health. -- Where black tea and coffee once dominated the hot drinks market, our increased interest in health and well...

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Herbal Teas for Self-Care 

We all need self-care rituals to support our physical and mental wellbeing. Discover the best herbal teas for self-care.  --  In our busy, hyper-connected world, it is no surprise that many of us struggle to slow down, rest, and relax. But being on the go all the time leave...

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Herbal Teas to Drink After Dinner

From peppermint to liquorice, we’ve compiled the best herbal teas to help you digest after the evening meal. Discover more with our list of herbal teas to drink after dinner.  -- For many of us, dinner is the main meal of the day. Our busy lives mean breakfast is often rush...

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5 Cooling Herbs for Summer

Inspired by Ayurveda, our list of cooling herbs for summer will help you find balance in mind and body during the hot weather.  -- According to Ayurveda, the traditional healing system that originated in India, summer is the season of pitta, which is associated with the ele...

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Do Diet Teas Work?

Diet teas are no replacement for a properly balanced diet. But if you combine them with other healthy lifestyle changes, drinking diet teas may support your weight loss efforts. -- If you are trying to lose weight, you’ll likely be on the lookout for anything that can make ...

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The Best Herbal Teas for Gym Goers

Looking to boost your performance, aid recovery, and get the most from every workout? Our list of the best herbal teas for gym goers will give you all the inspiration you need.  -- Whether you’re an avid gym goer or someone who dutifully drags yourself there once a week, yo...

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Why Is Turmeric Good for You?

Turmeric has many benefits, from fighting inflammation to supporting our gut health. Read on to discover why turmeric is so good for you. -- If you spend any time at all looking at natural ways to support your health and wellness, you’ve likely encountered the mighty powers...

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What Is Bitter Melon?

A tropical fruit that is native to Asia, bitter melon has several benefits for our health. Read our latest blog post to discover more about this fascinating fruit.  -- As fruits go, bitter melon is pretty unique. Its distinctive warty green exterior is eye-catching enough, ...

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The Best Herbal Teas for Spring

Spring is nearly here! Embrace the season and enjoy a sense of awakening and revival with our list of the best herbal teas for spring.  -- Spring is just around the corner and all around us are signs of new life. As the first flowers put out their buds and the trees begin t...

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Herbal Teas for Calm and Relaxation

Is there anything more soothing than cuddling up with a mug of your favourite tea? If you’ve been having a stressful day, our list of the best herbal teas for calm and relaxation should help!  -- There’s something so inherently soothing about the gentle ritual of making a d...

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What is Uva Ursi?

A popular herbal medicine with a long history of use in treating urinary tract infections, uva ursi is also known as bearberry. In our latest blog post, we explain what uva ursi is and how it can be used.   —   A small evergreen bush with bright red berries, uva ursi is nat...

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How to Make Homemade Cough Sweets

Looking for a natural alternative to shop-bought cough sweets? Discover how to make homemade cough sweets using your favourite herbal tea. — At this time of year, our immune systems take a real hit, with cold after cold and virus after virus. If you feel like you’ve been co...

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The Best Herbal Teas for Winter

Keep warm and stay well during the colder months of the year with our pick of the best herbal teas for winter. -- We’re safely past the winter solstice and the days are slowly getting longer as we head towards spring. However, there’s still a while to go before the weather ...

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What is Mullein?

One of our favourite herbs for fighting infections, reducing inflammation, and supporting your respiratory health, mullein is a common roadside plant and has been used medicinally for centuries.  — A versatile herbal ally, mullein has been used since ancient times to treat ...

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A Mindful Herbal Tea Ritual

Root yourself in the present moment and find peace and calm with this mindful herbal tea ritual, designed to remind you of life’s simple pleasures. -- Mindfulness has been practised in one form or another by humans across the globe for millennia. And there’s been a renewed ...

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Choose a herbal detox tea

How to Choose a Herbal Detox Tea

Herbal detox teas are widely available but spotting a good quality tea can be tough. Our guide to how to choose a herbal detox tea helps you know what to look out for. -- As January rolls closer, many of us are getting ready to renew our focus on our physical and mental wel...

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benefits echinacea tea

The Benefits of Echinacea Tea

Echinacea is known for boosting our immune systems and helping to fight off coughs and colds. Discover the benefits of echinacea tea in our latest blog post. When it comes to fighting off the common cold, there’s no better-known herbal remedy than echinacea. This daisy-like plan...

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The Benefits of Ginseng Tea

Used in Traditional Chinese Medicine for thousands of years, ginseng contains active compounds that support our health and wellbeing. Discover the benefits of ginseng tea in our latest blog post.   --  Ginseng is one of the go-to herbs in Traditional Chinese Medicine and ha...

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What Is Eyebright?

This humble-looking herb gets its name from its traditional use as a remedy for eye issues, but what is eyebright? And what are the benefits of using it in herbal teas? -- Walk over heathland or around limestone outcrops in the UK and you might well spot some delicate white...

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The Benefits of Ashwagandha

A powerful adaptogen, ashwagandha has been prized in Ayurvedic medicine for thousands of years for its ability to help us deal with stress and anxiety. Discover the many benefits of this healing herb.   --   Ashwagandha is one of the most important herbs used in Ayurveda, t...

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Tired student battling mid-afternoon slump

How to Beat the Mid-Afternoon Slump

Finding it hard to focus after lunch? When a nap isn’t an option, here are some practical tips to help you beat the mid-afternoon slump.  -- There’s something about that patch between lunch and the end of the workday that can really drag. You might have had a fantastically ...

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Herbal tea on a dark wooden background

5 Best Herbal Teas for Weight Loss

Nothing can beat a healthy diet and exercise when it comes to losing weight. But sipping the right herbal tea might help you on your journey. Here are the 5 best herbal teas for weight loss.  -- We’re always very cautious of anyone who promises miraculous results from weight lo...

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Green tea on a dark wooden background

The Benefits of Green Tea

Packed with antioxidants, green tea has many benefits for our physical and mental health. From reducing anxiety and protecting against ageing to supporting weight loss, there are plenty of reasons to drink green tea regularly.  -- Green tea may not be as popular (yet) as bl...

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Ginger – Does It Help With Digestion?

Ginger has been known to help soothe stomach upset and ease along digestion. The spice has also been suggested to alleviate feelings of nausea and sickness, as well as providing a range of other health benefits. Digestion is a vital process within the body. It’s how we get our...

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Remedies for Stress

There are a range of different remedies to help people alleviate stress and anxiety, from taking certain supplements to simply having more laughter in your life. Both stress and anxiety are extremely common conditions that many people will suffer from at one point in their life, ...

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Remedies for Sexual Performance

There are a variety of different remedies that can help to boost sexual performance and libido, from kicking bad habits to taking certain supplements. Physical intimacy is an important part to most romantic relationships. Therefore, taking measures to enhance this experience c...

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Supplements for Cholesterol Health

Unhealthy cholesterol levels can have significant impact on your health, increasing the chances of a stroke or heart attack. Within the body, you will have LDLs (low-density lipoproteins) and HDLs (high-density lipoproteins). HDLs carry “good” cholesterol and LDLs carry “bad” cho...

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Supplements for Alcohol Recovery

There are a variety of different supplements for people to take when recovering from a hangover. When people consume alcohol, it is broken down in the liver which converts the alcohol into substance that’s less toxic. This is to make it more safe, in preparation for excretion fro...

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Supplements for Thyroid Health

The thyroid is a gland located in your throat, which is responsible for regulating numerous actions throughout the body. It helps to maintain the pace of your heartbeat, and affects the rate at which you burn calories. Your thyroid produces hormones that help in regulating its...

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Supplements for the Liver

The liver is a vital organ that performs many different tasks to help the body energise, defend itself from infection, regulate hormone levels and more. The liver also helps to metabolise alcohol and drugs, and regulates the body’s supply of important vitamins. It plays a crucial...

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Supplements for Digestion

Digestion is a process involving many different organs in the body, helping to break down food and drink into simpler products. This is how the body gets hold of its nutrients. Problems with digestion can cause discomfort, fatigue and stop the natural healthy flow of food coming ...

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Supplements to Boost Energy

Whilst getting enough sleep and eating a healthy, balanced diet are two of the main ways to promote sufficient energy levels, sometimes the demands of everyday life require a little more of a boost. There are various different supplements that can help to increase energy levels, ...

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Remedies to Help You Sleep

Sleep is essential in maintaining good health and overall wellbeing. It can help to promote both physical and mental health, and further boost productivity during the day. Sleep is vital to maintain healthy function of the brain. It also helps children and adolescents to grow dur...

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Remedies for Anxiety

Many people will experience anxiety throughout their lifetime. Whilst this can come in varying degrees, it can significantly impact the quality of day-to-day life. Therefore, it’s important to take measures to alleviate anxiety, helping to control its effect on daily life, and ov...

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