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Herbal Teas for an Active Lifestyle

Calling all exercise enthusiasts! This one is for you – our list of herbal teas for an active lifestyle takes you through the most effective herbs to support you in your adventures.

When you love to live your life on the go, you sometimes find that your physical and mental stamina need a little boost so that you can keep up with your ambitions and enjoy all your adventures to the full.

At NutraTea, we believe there’s a herbal tea for every lifestyle. And we’ve bundled up some of our favourites into one Active Lifestyle Gift Box, so you can find everything you need to support your adventurous soul in one place.

In this blog post, we’ll run you through the three teas you’ll find in this gift box and explore how the benefits of their ingredients.

Whether you’re looking for herbal teas for yourself or on the hunt for a thoughtful gift for those people in your life who just hate to sit still, we hope this will give you some insight into the best herbal teas for an active lifestyle.


1. NutraBoost

NutraBoost is one of our premium herbal tea blends. Designed to provide you with energy, mental clarity, and a long-lasting sense of vitality, it is our favourite tea to keep you going from dawn until dusk.

This invigorating blend is packed with herbs that boost your energy without leaving you feeling jittery or anxious. It contains:


Green Tea

Packed with antioxidants, green tea has numerous benefits for our health and wellbeing. It supports athletic performance and recovery, boosts energy levels, and helps with cognitive performance too.



Long prized in Traditional Chinese Medicine as a general tonic for vitality and longevity, ginseng helps to banish tiredness and fatigue, boosts physical endurance, and supports your mental health.



Lovely liquorice helps you avoid being slowed down by sick bugs and illnesses. It boosts the immune system, relieves digestive issues, soothes sore throats and coughs, and is naturally antiviral and antibacterial.


Gotu Kola

Like ginseng, gotu kola is a favourite in Traditional Chinese Medicine for boosting health and vitality. Said to promote long life, this herb also supports your mental health and improves cognitive function.



Native to Brazil, guarana is a traditional remedy for tiredness and fatigue. It is a natural source of caffeine and contains high levels of antioxidants. It boosts both physical and mental alertness.



Used in Traditional Chinese Medicine to support the immune system and banish fatigue, astragalus is also said to protect your heart and kidney health.



An adaptogen and a favourite herb in Ayurveda, ashwagandha helps your body and mind cope with stress and physical exertion. It is also used to treat anxiety and insomnia.



Another adaptogen, this time from the mountainous areas of Siberia and Scandinavia, rhodiola is traditionally used to boost physical endurance and reduce fatigue.



Mace is used in herbal medicine to treat anxiety and depression. It also supports digestive health, boosts blood circulation, and helps to reduce fatigue.


2. Turmeric & Cinnamon

One of our flagship teas, the comforting blend of turmeric and cinnamon is the perfect combination to support your recovery and get you back out adventuring asap.



A powerful anti-inflammatory, turmeric has numerous health benefits. It supports the immune system, eases joint and muscle pain, and improves gut health too.



Another anti-inflammatory spice, cinnamon is packed with antioxidants to protect your cells against oxidative stress. It boosts blood circulation, keeps blood sugar levels in check, and protects the digestion.


3. Ginseng & Ginger

Last but not least, ginseng and ginger make up the ingredients in this flagship tea blend aimed at supporting your physical and mental resilience.



A bracing tonic to invigorate your mind and body, ginseng improves cognitive function and alertness, banishes fatigue, and promotes a feeling of overall wellbeing.



An anti-inflammatory with high levels of antioxidants, ginger boosts blood circulation, eases painful joints and muscles, and helps with exercise recovery.


Enjoy all three of these revitalising teas by purchasing an Active Lifestyle Gift Box today!