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5-Step Spring Reset for Health & Wellness

Spring is here and the new season is a perfect opportunity to do a spring reset. Here’s our guide to making the most of the season of renewal and new beginnings.


Spring always brings with it a sense of a fresh start. As the natural world wakes up and we see more hours of daylight, we too feel called to emerge from our winter hibernation and embrace the opportunity for renewal.

As a result, the start of the new season is the perfect time to do a spring reset. This is an opportunity to re-focus on your health and wellness after the long winter months, refresh your home, and give your body and mind a bit of a spring clean too.

This is also an opportunity to let go of things that no longer serve you. Whether that is unhealthy habits that have crept in during the winter months, limiting beliefs about yourself, or the physical clutter in your home, doing a spring reset offers a chance to release the things you no longer need in your life so you can make space for what brings you happiness.

Our guide takes you through the steps to help you make the most of this new season and cleanse your mind, body, and home.


How to Do a Spring Reset

Step 1: Review the Past Season

We may be focused on renewal and new beginnings but it still helps to take a look back at the past season so that we can set our spring intentions with context. Grab a notebook, your journal, laptop, or phone and do a quick review of the past season.

Ask yourself:

  • What did I achieve?
  • What went well?
  • What challenged me?
  • What lessons have I learned?
  • What did I most enjoy?
  • What are my best memories from this season?
  • What would I like to have approached differently?


Step 2: Set Some Intentions

Once you’ve reviewed the past few months, you’re ready to set some intentions for spring. Many people find that it helps to do this in categories. For each category, set one or two intentions that you want to focus on this season.

For example, your categories might include:

  • Health and wellness
  • Family and friends
  • Work / career / school
  • Finance
  • Self-care
  • Home and garden
  • Hobbies and leisure time


Step 3: Consider a Cleanse

This step might not be suitable for everyone. However, many of us find it useful to start a new season with a cleanse to create a break after the old season and help us feel refreshed and rejuvenated to face the spring.

We don’t recommend opting for extreme juice cleanses or days of fasting, which can do as much harm as good. Instead, simply set aside three to seven days where you’ll bring more intentionality to how you nourish your body.

You could, for example, opt for the Ayurvedic option of eating plenty of kitchari (rice and lentils), along with plenty of herbs and vegetables.

Or you could simply cut out alcohol, refined sugar, meat, dairy, and processed junk food for a few days, focusing instead on whole grains, vegetables, pulses, nuts, and seeds.

Consider too substituting your usual cup of coffee or black tea for a herbal tea instead. Some of our favourite options for spring include:



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Step 4: Declutter

At the same time as cleansing your body by focusing on healthy, nourishing foods and teas, you can turn your attention to your physical environment.

After long months spent mainly indoors, our homes can often use a little love to help them feel fresh and inviting again. So, this is a great opportunity to do a deep clean and declutter.

Go through one room at a time, taking things out of drawers and cupboards and making three piles: keep, get rid, unsure.

Then, put everything you are keeping neatly back in place. Split the things you are getting rid of into what can be sold or donated, what can be recycled, and what needs to be binned.

Finally, box up the things you aren’t sure about and put them away in an attic, garage, or dedicated cupboard. Set a reminder on your phone for six months’ time. When that reminder pops up, go back through the boxes to see what you can declutter and what you have missed and want to keep.

Step 5: Introduce New Habits

Once your cleanse and declutter are done, you have a blank slate ready to introduce some of the new habits you want to focus on this season. Hopefully, your intention setting in step 2 has given you some concrete ideas of what you want to bring into your life.

Think about how you can practically incorporate new habits into your existing routine. For example, if you want to get moving more often, set aside thirty minutes of your morning, lunch break, or evening where you’ll focus on exercise. Book the time in your calendar.

Or if you want to make sleep a priority, set an alarm for thirty minutes before you want to go to bed so that you have plenty of time to get ready for sleep. Many phones now offer the option to set limits on when you can access certain apps, so consider turning this on if you tend to stay up scrolling instead of going to bed at a decent time.

Or if you want to drink less coffee, make a commitment to drink herbal tea first thing in the morning instead. Put your box of herbal tea in front of the coffee in the cupboard so it reminds you to reach for it first.

You might also find it helpful to use a habit tracker or keep a diary to provide some accountability and remind you to continue to make these changes a priority.

And there you have it – our five-step spring reset to help you feel happier and healthier this season.