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How to Make Herbal Tea Ice Lollies 

Popular with kids and adults alike, herbal tea ice lollies are a great way to cool down in the summer and a delicious option for enjoying herbal tea during the hot weather. 


We love herbal tea all year round. But in the hot summer months, a steaming cup of tea doesn’t always say the right thing. 

Fortunately, there are plenty of other ways to get your daily dose of herbs. One of our favourites is to transform a tasty herbal tea blend into a cooling and delicious ice lolly. 

These refreshing treats are also a great way to get kids started with herbs and are a healthy alternative to shop-bought ice lollies. 

Although you’ll need to plan ahead a tiny bit to give them time to set in the freezer, these herbal tea ice lollies are very simple to make and don’t require much equipment either. 


What You’ll Need 

The only bit of equipment you really need to make herbal tea ice lollies is some lolly moulds. If yours don’t come with built-in sticks, you’ll also need some wooden lolly sticks for the handles. 

If you don’t have lolly moulds, you can still make these delicious treats. Simply fill up an empty ice tray with the herbal tea mixture. Once they are set, you can add them to drinks or just suck on them during the day. 

You’ll also need a kettle, a large heat-proof container to brew your tea in, and your favourite herbal tea blend. 

As for optional extras – you can have a lot of fun with making these herbal tea ice lollies your own. Why not add fruit juice or fruit puree, some sprigs of fresh mint, some berries, or some elderflowers to your lollies to make them even more special? 


How to Make the Herbal Tea Ice Lollies 

First of all, you’ll need to brew your tea. Although you can use loose-leaf herbal tea, we prefer to use tea bags – they are easier to handle, and the clean-up is faster too! 

One thing to note is that the flavour of the tea won’t be as strong when it is cold as it is when it is warm. So, we want to up the ratio of tea bags to water to make a punchy and flavourful mixture that will still be tasty once it is frozen. 

We recommend doubling the number of tea bags you would normally use. Aim for 2 or even 3 tea bags per 200 ml of water, depending on the herbal tea blend you’re using for your lollies. 

You can hot or cold brew your tea. Cold brewed teas will have fewer bitter notes, but you’ll need to allow some extra time. If you’re using a cold method, start your tea the evening before and leave it in the fridge overnight. 

You might like to add some honey, maple syrup, or agave nectar to your tea for a sweeter treat, especially if you’re making the ice lollies for kids. 

Pour your tea into the lolly moulds, leaving space for any extra liquids or add-ins. 

Mix in any extras, such as fruit puree, fruit juice, or milk. Adding fruit puree will give your ice lollies more of a sorbet-like texture, while adding milk will make them smoother and creamier. You can use oat, soy, or nut milks as well as cows’ milk. 

Yoghurt and coconut cream are also great options for a creamier texture and some extra flavour. 

Either mix thoroughly or just stir through gently for a swirled effect. 

If you want to decorate your lollies with fresh berries, elderflowers, or fresh herbs, let your tea cool down before you add them to the mix. Some heavier add-ins (like berries) will sink, so just bear that in mind when planning your lollies. 

If you are out to impress, you can even create layered ice lollies by making a few different herbal tea blends. Part fill your moulds and place them in the freezer, then add a different tea for each layer, freezing in between. 


Herbal Tea Iced Lolly Recipes 

You can use pretty much any herbal tea to create these ice lollies. But if you are looking for some inspiration, why not try some of these: 


The Zingy One 

These bright-tasting ice lollies are inspired by the flavours of Asia. Swirl in the coconut cream to create a rippled effect. 

Tea: Lemongrass & Ginger 

Sweeteners: Maple syrup 

Extras: Coconut cream 

Add-ins: Grated lemon zest 


The Spiced One 

Earthy turmeric and comforting cinnamon combine beautifully with milk to make a chai-inspired summer treat. 

Tea: Turmeric & Cinnamon 

Sweeteners: Sugar or agave nectar 

Extras: Milk of your choice 

Add-ins: Mixed chopped nuts 


The Sophisticated One 

With dry cherry and a hint of orange, these ice lollies are a grown-up spin on the classic kids’ treat. If you’re feeling especially decadent, you could even dip these in melted dark chocolate. 

Tea: NutraUric 

Sweeteners: Maple syrup 

Extras: Cherry puree 

Add-ins: Orange zest