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The Best Herbal Teas for Women at Each Stage of Life

Whatever age you are, there’s a herbal tea blend that’s perfect for you. Here’s our list of the best herbal teas for women at each stage of life.

The association between women and herbal medicine stretches back thousands of years. While there were certainly male herbalists too, it was most often women who held the knowledge of which healing herbs to use for which ailments.

With the rise of modern medicine, there’s less call for us all to maintain this ancient knowledge. But that doesn’t mean that herbs have fallen out of favour. Many women still use herbal teas to support their daily health, and interest in herbal medicine has continued to grow over the past few decades.

Whatever stage of life you find yourself in, herbal teas are one of the most accessible forms of herbal medicine. Affordable, easy to make, and delicious too, all of us can benefit from including more herbal tea in our lives.

There are plenty of different blends out there, and we heartily encourage you to experiment with different brews to find your own favourites. But, if you’re looking for a starting point, this list of the best herbal teas for women should help.

We’ve designed this list with modern women in mind. Whatever your life looks like, there should be a herbal tea here to suit you.

1. NutraBoost

Best herbal tea for students and early-career women.

Maybe you’re burning the candles at both ends trying to study and keep up your social life, or maybe you’re out to impress the bosses by giving your all at your first proper job. Either way, NutraBoost is a great blend for women who are looking for the get-up-and-go they need to meet the challenges of young adulthood.

This blend contains naturally caffeinated ingredients like green tea and guarana, giving you the boost of energy that you need to show up as your best self.

At the same time, herbs like ginseng, gotu kola, and ashwagandha help your focus and attention levels, so you’ll have the mental clarity and concentration you need to shine at work or in your studies.

NutraTea Ginseng and Ashwagandha Herbal Tea- 20 Tea bags

2. NutraLust

Best herbal tea for lovers.

 Whether you’re with a long-term partner or are happily playing the field, NutraLust is our favourite blend for women who want to enjoy an active sex life.

This herbal tea blend is designed to give your libido a boost and increase sexual desire and satisfaction. Packed with natural aphrodisiacs, including ginseng, maca, and muira puama, it is a great choice for anyone looking to bring a little extra fire to the bedroom.

NutraTea Muira Puama and Ashwagandha Tea- 20 Tea bags

3. Raspberry Leaf and Peppermint

Best herbal tea when you’re pregnant.

 One of our flagship blends, Raspberry Leaf and Peppermint tea is an ideal herbal tea to choose if you’re expecting.

Whether this is your first child or your fourth, pregnancy can hit the body hard. Nausea and digestive difficulties are common. But the peppermint in this blend can help to soothe a choppy stomach and ease symptoms like heartburn and indigestion.

Meanwhile, red raspberry leaf is a great herb to use in the third trimester. It helps to strengthen the muscles of the uterus, supporting your body as you get ready to give birth.

NutraTea Peppermint & Raspberry Leaf Tea For Pregnancy

4. NutraRelax

Best herbal tea when life gets busy.

 More than any other generation before us, modern women are expected to do it all. Balancing a successful career with caring for children or relatives, keeping up with our relationships (whether romantic or otherwise), managing our finances, and perhaps even trying to squeeze in a hobby or two…

The weight of all those expectations can be exhausting and stressful. We get it, which is why we’ve designed our NutraRelax blend to offer a small oasis of calm and relaxation during your busy day.

Herbs like chamomile, lemon balm, passionflower, and hawthorn berry help us de-stress and also support a good night’s sleep – something that’s essential if we want to keep all those plates spinning.

NutraTea Chamomile and Lemon Balm Tea- 20 Biodegradable Tea bags

5. NutraDefence

Best herbal tea for mums.

 Every mum knows that autumn and winter bring with them endless coughs, colds, and runny noses. And we’re generally too busy looking after the rest of the family to be able to slow down and recover from illnesses ourselves.

If you find your small people keep bringing home lurgies to share with the rest of the family, it’s worth having a box of NutraDefence on hand. This blend includes immune-boosting herbs like elderberry, liquorice, and ginger that help your body fight off coughs and colds.

When you do succumb to those pesky bugs, mullein, thyme, and calendula are on hand to soothe your symptoms and help you feel better.

NutraTea - Eucalyptus & Elderberries Tea - 20 Biodegradable Tea bags

6. NutraBone

Best herbal tea post-menopause.

 Women are living longer, which gives us plenty of time to continue to build rich, interesting, and active lives as we move through our middle years and into elderhood. However, the changes that come after the menopause can slow us down if we don’t take care of our health.

Joint and bone issues often become more of a problem post-menopause as we lose bone density and experience the usual wear and tear that comes with getting older.

Staying active and eating a diet that is rich in minerals, vitamins, and other nutrients can help to keep our bones strong as we get older. To support your efforts, we’ve packed our NutraBone blend with herbs like nettle, green tea, and devil’s claw that encourage healthy bones and joints.

NutraTea Rose Hip and Nettle Herbal Tea- 20 Tea bags