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6 Herbal Teas to Drink Every Day

With so many different herbal tea options out there, choosing which ones to make part of your daily routine is a challenge. We help you narrow down your choices with our pick of the best herbal teas to drink every day. 


It’s no secret that we’re huge fans of herbal tea here at NutraTea. We love them for their taste and the wide range of options available, but even more for their benefits for our body and mind. 

We believe there’s a herbal tea for pretty much every situation (which is why we’ve designed our range to focus on different health benefits). But having so much choice can leave you feeling a bit baffled, especially if you’re new to drinking herbal tea. 

To help you choose, we’ve picked our favourite herbal teas to take you through your day. From your first cup in the morning to your last sip at night, these are the best herbal teas to drink every day. 


Start Your Day Right 

Whether you leap from your bed with a spring in your step or crawl, zombie-like, from under the covers, you’ll get your morning off on the right foot when you start your day with NutraBoost. Our energising blend is a great alternative to coffee and will give you the lift you need to greet the day with enthusiasm 

Why we love it: NutraBoost contains naturally caffeinated ingredients like green tea and guarana, so it is great for anyone who needs a bit of help getting started in the mornings.  

However, the caffeine content is balanced with adaptogens like ashwagandha and ginseng. These help your body cope with stress, giving you a long-lasting sense of energy and focus, without the jitteriness that can come with caffeine. 

The ingredients in NutraBoost are also great for mental clarity and concentration. If you have a long day of work or study ahead of you, starting your morning with NutraBoost should help you keep your mind on your tasks. 

NutraTea Ginseng and Ashwagandha Herbal Tea- 20 Tea bagsMid-morning Break 

Many of us find we come to a natural break mid-morning, as our early energy wears off. Lunch is still a few hours away, but a revitalising cup of Ginseng & Ginger can help you survive the mid-morning slump. 

Why we love it: Zingy ginger is one of our favourite spices to use in a herbal tea blend. Its warming, slightly spicy taste helps to wake up your tastebuds, as well as the rest of your body. Plus, it has multiple health benefits, boosting your immune system, soothing the digestion, and easing aches and pains. 

Ginger combines brilliantly with ginseng, a herbal remedy that has been prized in Traditional Chinese Medicine for centuries. An adaptogen, ginseng helps our bodies deal with stress, which is great during a busy morning. It is also known to lift our energy levels and help us focus, so it should help you get through until lunchtime.  


Post-Lunch Digestion 

Finally, lunch is here. Hopefully, you’ve managed to step away from your desk to enjoy a delicious and healthy meal. But even if you’ve only been able to grab a sandwich in front of your computer, a tasty cup of our NutraCleanse blend is an ideal choice to help you digest your food. 

Why we love it: We’ve designed NutraCleanse to support your digestive health. It’s packed full of herbs that have a positive effect on your gut, helping you absorb nutrients, release toxins, and move food easily through your digestive tract. 

Some of our favourite herbs for digestion are found in this blend. Ginger features again (we love this delicious spice), along with artichoke, liquorice root, and dandelion. Many of the ingredients in this tea act as anti-inflammatories, helping to soothe gut issues and protect organs like the liver. 

NutraTea Artichoke and Dandelion Root Tea- 20 Biodegradable Tea bags 

Afternoon Pick-Me-Up 

The middle of the afternoon can feel like it drags on for hours and it’s hard to find the motivation to carry on with your tasks. It’s often at this point in the day that we’re most tempted by sugary treats and caffeinated fizzy drinks – anything to relieve the boredom and give us a jolt of energy. But we prefer to sip on a cup of Turmeric & Cinnamon tea. 

Why we love it: Earthy and comforting, the combination of turmeric and cinnamon is an enjoyable blend to fight off food cravings and satisfy your sweet tooth. Both these spices are packed with antioxidants too, helping your body stay healthy. 

Turmeric and cinnamon are both potent anti-inflammatories with many benefits for our physical and mental health. If you’re sitting at a desk all day, these two spices might help to ease stiff joints. For those who manage to fit in a lunchtime workout, those anti-inflammatory properties may reduce your chances of waking up with sore muscles tomorrow. 

NutraTea Turmeric & Cinnamon Herbal Tea- 20 Biodegradable Tea bagsIf You’re Heading Out 

The evening is here and that means it’s time to relax and have some fun. If you’re heading “out out”, make a cup of our NutraLiver blend part of your preparations. This blend is designed to protect your liver health and support your body in getting rid of toxins (like alcohol). 

Why we love it: Our livers work hard to filter toxins and remove them from our bodies. In exchange, we like to take care of our liver health by packing NutraLiver full of herbs that help to protect it against damage. 

Milk thistle is one of the best-known herbs for supporting liver function and is the main ingredient in our NutraLiver blend. We’ve also added peppermint, fennel, turmeric, and dandelion – these herbs protect the liver and support your digestion too. 

NutraTea Milk Thistle and Liquorice Tea- 20 Biodegradable Tea bagsTime for Bed 

After a busy day, the sight of your comfortable bed is never more welcome. But when our brains are packed with to-do lists and worries about the future, winding down for sleep can take longer than we want. So, we like to finish the day with a soothing cup of NutraRelax. 

Why we love it: Chamomile is one of the most popular herbal teas for good reason. This calming herb helps to reduce our stress levels and makes it easier to get a good night’s sleep. It is one of the main ingredients in NutraRelax. 

 We’ve added other sleep-promoting herbs to this blend to make it the perfect tea to drink before bedtime. Lemon balm, passionflower, hawthorn berry, and lavender all help your mind and body to relax and get to sleep more quickly. 

 The perfect end to a herbal-tea-inspired day. 

NutraTea Chamomile and Lemon Balm Tea- 20 Biodegradable Tea bags