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5 Herbal Teas for a Spring Detox

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If you’re ready for a fresh start this spring, here are our favourite herbal detox teas to help you shrug off the fug of winter, cleanse your mind and body, and embrace the energy of this new season.


Spring is finally here! As the days get longer, the weather warms up, and the world around us comes alive with colour, it is only natural that we also feel like embracing a fresh start.

The start of spring brings with it a sense of renewal. It is no accident that this time of year is associated with sprucing up our homes and doing a deep spring clean. After months spent mainly indoors, the lighter days and warmer weather give us a much-needed jolt of energy.

Many people like to take advantage of the changing seasons to do a spring cleanse or detox – clearing their minds and bodies in the same way as we traditionally clean our homes. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, spring is the season of the liver, making this a great time of year to focus on releasing toxins and renewing our bodies.

Plus, the warmer weather reminds us that summer will soon be here. The comforting, heavy foods of winter are set aside as we choose lighter meals and renew our focus on our health.

If you’re considering a spring detox, here are some of our favourite herbal teas to support you on the journey.

1. Dandelion

These cheerful yellow flowers start to appear on roadsides and lawns almost as soon as the weather warms up. Dandelions are often considered a weed, but they’re also a welcome symbol that spring has arrived.

Dandelions have been used for centuries to make a revitalising spring tonic. This bitter plant has many benefits, including supporting the liver’s natural detoxification processes. As a diuretic, dandelion tea also helps your body to release toxins and excess water.

We use dandelion in several of our herbal tea blends. Because it supports the digestive system, liver, and kidneys, it is one of the main ingredients in NutraCleanse, our herbal tea designed to help your body release toxins.

2. Milk Thistle

Spiky milk thistle is one of the best-known herbs for protecting and supporting the liver, which plays a vital role in detoxifying our bodies. The main active compound in milk thistle is silymarin, an antioxidant that helps to combat inflammation and protect against damage from toxins like alcohol.

As well as increased liver function, milk thistle has shown some promise for improving insulin sensitivity and reducing our blood sugar levels, especially in people with type 2 diabetes.

Its liver-protecting properties make milk thistle a popular choice for those looking to do a spring detox. We use it as one of the herbs in our NutraLiver blend, which also contains other herbs that support your liver, digestive system, and kidneys.

3. Bitter Melon

A knobbly looking green gourd that is native to Asia, the bitter melon is a close relative of squash, cucumber, and courgette. As the name implies, this fruit has a bitter flavour that makes it more suited to savoury dishes than sweet ones. But that bitter taste is also a sign of its health benefits.

Bitter fruits and vegetables, including bitter melon (and dandelion), are known to be great for our digestion, helping our guts absorb nutrients from our food and boosting our liver function. Bitter melon is also known to stimulate the metabolism and help us lose weight – great news if you want to use your spring detox to shift a few pounds.

There’s also evidence that bitter melon can help to reduce our blood sugar and cholesterol levels, which is why it is one of the ingredients in NutraGlycemia, our herbal tea for blood sugar management.

4. Nettle

As children, many of us were taught to avoid nettles because of their tendency to reward the unwary with a sharp sting. But this hedgerow plant doesn’t deserve its bad reputation. It has many uses, including as a traditional spring tonic.

Nettle is packed with minerals and vitamins that our bodies need to stay healthy. If you’re considering a spring detox, nettle’s high nutrient content can help you recover from a winter of overindulgence.

Nettle is also a natural diuretic, helping your body flush out toxins and release excess water. We use it in NutraRelease, alongside other herbs that support the urinary tract and help to combat water retention.

5. Green Tea

Green tea is well-known for its health-boosting properties, which makes it a popular choice during a spring detox, especially for those who are trying to cut down on coffee or caffeinated fizzy drinks.

Packed with antioxidants called catechins, green tea helps to protect our bodies against inflammation and environmental damage. Combined with its caffeine content, these catechins also give our metabolisms a boost and can support weight loss.

Green tea is one of the main ingredients in NutraTrim, our zingy herbal blend aimed at supporting you in maintaining a healthy weight.



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