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Supplements for Thyroid Health


The thyroid is a gland located in your throat, which is responsible for regulating numerous actions throughout the body. It helps to maintain the pace of your heartbeat, and affects the rate at which you burn calories.

Your thyroid produces hormones that help in regulating its various responsibilities. Imbalances in the secretion of these hormones, such as an overactive thyroid, can lead to health problems, and can come with such symptoms as fatigue, problems with sleep, hair thinning and more.

You can help to promote thyroid health by taking the relevant supplements. Some effective supplements that can help to promote thyroid health include the following:


  • Ashwaghanda
  • Nettle
  • Selenium
  • B-12


The thyroid plays an important role in helping to maintain the body’s health and normal function. Taking supplements can therefore help to promote a person’s health, and further their overall wellbeing.




Ashwaghanda is considered to have numerous different beneficial properties to it, including helping to manage stress and even fight ageing. Whilst in the past there has not been enough research into the effects of Ashwaghanda on thyroid health, recent studies conducted in the past few years have suggested it could be beneficial for hypothyroidism (when your thyroid produces insufficient amounts of the thyroid hormone).

One study in particular published last year showed that patients with hypothyroidism had improved levels of thyroid hormones. The study’s conclusion stated that “Treatment with ashwaghanda may be beneficial for normalizing thyroid indices in subclinical hypothyroid patients.”




Singing nettle has been used as a herbal medicine throughout history, and is now thought to be associated with a variety of different health benefits. Singing nettle is considered to be quite rich in nutrients, containing minerals such as iron, magnesium and calcium. Iron plays a vital role in thyroid health, therefore ensuring that the body has sufficient levels of iron can help to promote healthy thyroid function.

Additionally, Nettle also contains Vitamin A and B Vitamins. Vitamin A has been linked to regulating thyroid hormone metabolism.




Selenium is a type of mineral that can be found naturally in numerous different sources, such as fish, nuts, soil and water. There has been some research to suggest that this mineral helps in the treatment of hyperthyroidism symptoms, and that it can further be effective in helping to treat some cases of Graves’ disease.




Those with hyperthyroidism can also commonly have a deficiency in the B-12 vitamin, which can lead sufferers feeling weak and fatigued. Taking supplements of vitamin B-12 can therefore help those with a hyperthyroid to alleviate symptoms, given that they also have the associated vitamin B-12 deficiency.


Why Would You Need Supplements for Thyroid Health?


As previously mentioned, the thyroid is a vital part of regulating healthy function of the body. It helps to regulate numerous different functions in the body, including the metabolism, development and growth.

Promoting thyroid health is therefore vital in helping to maintain physical health and wellbeing. Supplements, such as those mentioned above, can hold various different properties to help in promoting thyroid health, and therefore may be good to consider when wanting to help support this health.


Using Tea as a Supplement for Thyroid Health


There are various different blends of teas which contain supplements that help to promote thyroid health. Nutra Tea’s NutraThyroid contains numerous different ingredients that have been linked with helping to support thyroid health, including the previously mentioned Ashwaghanda and Nettle. Some of the other ingredients NutraThyroid contains include the following:


  • Lemon balm
  • Kelp
  • Bugleweed
  • Rhodiola


All Nutra Tea’s products are made from 100% raw ingredients with no additives. We have collected ingredients from over 20 different countries to provide our customers with exciting and unique blends. To explore more from our product range, click here.




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