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What are the hydrating herbal teas to drink in 2024?

Herbal Teas for Summer

What are the hydrating herbal teas to drink in 2024?

You’ve probably been reminded to drink water several times in your life to reach your 1.5-2 litre daily intake. However, if you live a fast-paced lifestyle and have growing responsibilities in 2024, staying hydrated is not always easy.

One fun way of maintaining your recommended water intake is by drinking hydrating herbal teas that are low in caffeine.

Low-caffeine herbal teas are a smart alternative, packed with flavour, pose various health benefits, and are a great low-calorie drink to sip on in the summertime.

Uncover with us more about hydrating herbal teas (low caffeine) and their benefits below.

What are hydrating herbal teas? 

In short, hydrating herbal teas are low in caffeine and have ingredients that support hydration—yes, INGREDIENTS

There is no one-size-fits-all tea that provides the missing puzzle piece to solving hydration. It’s up to you to stay hydrated and maintain your water intake. 

However, you can manage your hydration with flavourful, low-caffeine, and zero-caffeine herbal tea.

Too much caffeine can cause an imbalance of electrolytes, substances that help fluid balance inside and outside your cells and play a role in hydration. 

Caffeine is a diuretic that encourages your body to produce more urine, causing you to lose a lot of water and electrolytes through urination. 

So when it comes to drinking herbal teas or any other alternative drink to water, you’ll want a tea with low caffeine or none if possible. 

6 ingredients to look for in hydrating herbal teas 

summer herbal teas text imageWhen thinking about hydrating herbal teas, the key is to find supporting ingredients rich in electrolytes, have moisture-retaining properties, and are tasty, encouraging you to sip more often.

Here are some ingredients that provide these benefits:


Ginger has been used for thousands of years to treat colds, nausea, arthritis, hypertension, and more. It might also be an ingredient that helps keep one hydrated.

One of the primary benefits of ginger is that it can improve your digestion, acting as a form of relief from vomiting and digestive issues, which are associated with water loss. 

Moreover, ginger is high in antioxidants, which help towards relaxation and lower stress levels. Heavier breathing and heart rate are linked to high stress and can cause more fluid loss, increasing your risk of becoming dehydrated more quickly. 

Ginger Tea

Hydrate yourself with: Ginseng & Ginger  a nutritious, caffeine-free, hydrating herbal tea. It’s vegan, gluten-free, soy-free, sugar-free, wheat and dairy-free, suitable for many dietary types. This energy tea is rich in antioxidants, can help maintain stamina, support immune system function and support the normal function of your intestinal tract. 


Hibiscus is a flowering plant used in many blends due to its benefits. One of the most prominent benefits is that it contains potassium, an electrolyte which plays a major role in regulating fluids and hydration. It also has antioxidants known as flavonoids, which promote good overall health and skin hydration. 

Weight Loss & Slimming Tea Bags

Hydrate yourself with: Nutra Trim is a low-caffeine herbal slimming tea that contains hibiscus and a blend of other tasty and nutritious ingredients such as green tea, fennel, nettle, gingner, juniper berry and more. 

Don’t be deceived by its name; weight management isn’t the only benefit of this tea. The ingredients in Nutra Trim also help maintain blood sugar levels, support normal urinary function, aid digestion and metabolism.

Lemon Balm 

Lemon balm is a plant in the mint family with a distinct lemon scent and flavour. This herb is usually linked to improved mood, slower cognitive decline, and less anxiety. 

However, one significant benefit of having this herb in a herbal tea is that it can be a fantastic, flavourful alternative to drinking plain water. Its mild citrusy taste can be pleasant and refreshing on the taste buds, encouraging you to drink more in the summer. 

Lemongrass & Ginger Tea

Hydrate yourself with: Lemongrass & Ginger herbal tea is not quite lemon balm but has a similar taste and benefits. It’s rich in antioxidants and has a citrusy flavour. This tea is also caffeine-free and vegan-friendly, a great water alternative which encourages a healthy intestinal tract and immune system.  


Rosehip is a wild rose plant rich in antioxidants, vitamins, and fatty acids. Rosehip is high in vitamin C, which plays a role in collagen production. Collagen is an essential protein that helps maintain the skin’s structure and retain water and moisture.

Tea For Bones

Hydrate yourself with: Nutra Bone a refreshing herbal tea that contains rosehip and nettle. Low in caffeine this herbal tea contains naturally occurring antioxidants and poses a range of other additional health benefits. This tea also contributes to joint health, can help maintain bone strength, helps with your mental and physical capabilities. 


When you think of chamomile, you probably associate it with a sense of calmness and a sleep aid tea. However, these aren’t the only benefits this herb provides. Chamomile is rich in antioxidants, which reduce the chances of damage to your skin from free radicals, thus supporting a healthy skin barrier and water retention. 

Chamomile & Valerian Tea

Hydrate yourself with:  Chamomile and Valerian a caffeine-free herbal tea that’s a great all-around refreshing drink for any time of the year. These calming tea bags contain naturally occurring antioxidants, which support your digestive and immune systems, help maintain good cognitive function, and help you get a good night’s sleep


Acerola is a fruit that looks very similar to a cherry when ripe. Rich in vitamin C, minerals, and electrolytes, this ingredient is important for hydration. If you want a water alternative, acerola contains minerals in salt form, which can replenish depleted mineral content in your skin. The salt from the minerals encourages moisture retention on your skin’s surface. 

Nutraflow Tea for UTI

Hydrate yourself with: Nutra Flow a low-caffeine, vegan-friendly herbal tea with a blend of acerola, parsley, yarrow, horse chestnut, and other natural ingredients. This tea aids normal kidney function and urinary elimination, helps support flow, cleanses the system, and supports the body’s defences.

How to drink herbal teas in the summer? 

To encourage more hydration this summer, you might want to opt for fruitier teas. Tasty herbal teas can add a natural sweetness and be delightful to your palette, potentially encouraging more consumption.

Opt for caffeine-free or lower teas packed with antioxidants that promote electrolyte balance and discourage diuretic effects. 

Remember: Tasty herbal tea doesn’t always have to be hot. 

Try adding ice to your tea for a refreshing approach to tea. To encourage more water consumption, get an ice lolly mold and make ice lollies by experimenting with herbal teas. A tasty and low-calorie snack. 

Final thoughts 

Overall, there’s no such thing as hydrating herbal teas that can cure or solve hydration. However, some ingredients support electrolyte balance, are high in antioxidants and are low in caffeine, which has less diuretic effects on the body, causing you to lose less water.

Some ingredients you should consider in herbal teas for summer for hydration are ginger, hibiscus, chamomile, acerola, lemon balm, ginger and rosehip. 

Herbal teas in the summer can be a tastier and fun alternative to plain water. You can drink them hot, add ice, or even make them into lollies!

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