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The Best Herbal Teas for Winter

Keep warm and stay well during the colder months of the year with our pick of the best herbal teas for winter.

We’re safely past the winter solstice and the days are slowly getting longer as we head towards spring. However, there’s still a while to go before the weather warms up and we can welcome the early morning sun again.

In the meantime, let’s make the most of this darker, slower time of year. It is the perfect season to enjoy snuggly evenings on the sofa, ideally wrapped up warm in blankets and sipping on a mug of your favourite herbal tea.

We’re herbal tea enthusiasts here at Nutratea, so we’re just as happy to enjoy an uplifting herbal blend in the summer as in the winter. That said, there’s something especially comforting about wrapping your hands around a steaming cup of delicious tea during the long winter evenings.

Not only is herbal tea a tasty and warming drink, but there are also plenty of benefits to be gained from getting more herbs into your daily routine during the winter months. Choosing the right herbal tea blend could boost your mood, raise your energy levels, or even help you fight off coughs and colds.

Let’s explore some of the options with our pick of the best herbal teas for winter.


Best Tea For: Immune Defence

As well as short days and icy mornings, the winter brings with it plenty of unwanted illnesses. Coughs, colds, and sore throats are common visitors at this time of year, so looking after your immune system is a must.

Fortunately, our premium NutraDefence blend is here to help. Packed with immune-strengthening herbs such as elderberry, liquorice, ginseng, and ginger, this tea is designed to support your immune system as it works to fight off viruses this winter.

NutraTea Elderberries and Eucalyptus Tea- Naturally helping your body fight cold and flu


Best Tea For: Dark Mornings

Much as we’d all love to curl up and hibernate during the dark winter mornings, life gets in the way. If you’re struggling to show up for work or school with the bright-eyed enthusiasm you show in the summer months, it’s time to choose a herbal tea blend that can give you an energy boost.

NutraBoost is our answer to dark mornings. Made with green tea and packed with energising herbs such as ginseng, ashwagandha, and gotu kola, this herbal tea blend should help you start your day off on the right foot.

NutraTea Ginseng and Ashwagandha Tea - Helping to combat Tiredness and Fatigue


Best Tea For: Beating the Winter Blues

Many of us find ourselves struggling during the winter months as lack of sunlight and cold weather leave us feeling sluggish and low. If this is you, some extra self-care is a must to help you navigate through to spring.

For comfort and calm, we recommend NutraRelax. Made with soothing herbs like chamomile, lavender, and passionflower, this herbal tea blend is a welcome treat at the end of a long day. It also contains lemon balm and hawthorn berry, both known for lifting a low mood.



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Best Tea For: Coughs and Colds

However careful we are during the winter months, we can’t dodge every cough or cold making the rounds. That’s especially true if you have kids, who seem to bring home a new sick bug every week.

If you do find yourself coming down with something, reach for a soothing mug of our Mullein Leaf & Thyme tea. Mullein is a go-to herb for lung support, while thyme helps to ease coughs and sore throats.



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Best Tea For: Long Nights In

It’s cold, it’s dark, and the motivation to get out and socialise is pretty low. However, that doesn’t mean that we can’t have some fun and enjoy the chance to spend an extra hour or two in bed – ideally with a companion.

Sex is fun, free, and a great way to warm up on a cold night. And if you’re looking for a little bit extra to bring to the bedroom, our NutraLust tea is packed with libido-boosting herbs to make sure everyone has a good time.



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Best Tea For: Winter Aches and Pains

Cold, wet weather is a normal part of the winter months, but that doesn’t make it any kinder on our joints. Many of us find that we feel stiffer and sorer in the wintertime and the drop in temperatures can also make the pain from arthritis worse.

Many herbs have anti-inflammatory properties and can help us cope better with stiff and painful joints. Our preferred herbal tea for those winter aches and pains is NutraJoint, which contains green tea, curcumin, and piperine. All are anti-inflammatories that have successfully been used to ease joint pain and arthritis.



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