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Is Herbal Tea Good for You?

Is herbal tea good for you? The increasing popularity of this alternative to tea and coffee may have you wondering about the benefits of herbal tea for your health.

Where black tea and coffee once dominated the hot drinks market, our increased interest in health and wellness means most of us now have at least one pack of herbal tea lurking in our cupboards. Demand for this plant-powered beverage is growing, and we can all benefit from enjoying it on a regular basis.

If you are new to herbal tea, or haven’t yet made it a daily habit, you might well be wondering what all the fuss is about. Is herbal tea good for you? Or is it just another wellness fad?

The short answer is yes, herbal tea has many health benefits – as long as it is high quality. Herbal tea is low in calories and free from processed sugar. It helps to keep you hydrated, is a tasty alternative to sugary fruit juice or fizzy drinks, and many are naturally free from caffeine.

Of course, the benefits of herbal tea will vary depending on which blend you try. There are so many different variations, each with a unique set of ingredients to meet different health needs.

Some common reasons that people choose herbal teas for health include:


1. Get a Better Night’s Sleep

Some herbal tea blends contain soothing herbs like chamomile, passionflower, or lemon balm. These herbs are known for their ability to calm the nervous system, relax our bodies, and help us fall asleep more easily. Our NutraRelax blend is a great example.


2. Soothe Cold and Flu Symptoms

When you are feeling under the weather, a comforting cup of hot liquid can help to ease your sore throat and unblock your airways. And if you choose a herbal tea blend like NutraThroat that contains eucalyptus, marshmallow root, liquorice, and slippery elm, you’ll find it is even more soothing.


3. Fight Inflammation

Many herbs have anti-inflammatory properties, helping to ease painful joints, soothe sore muscles, and protect your body against chronic inflammation. Some of our favourite examples of anti-inflammatory herbal teas include turmeric, cinnamon, green tea, and ginger.


4. Improve Your Mood

For many of us, taking the time to make and enjoy a delicious cup of herbal tea is a form of self-care, giving us a moment of peace and calm in our hectic days. Fortunately, some herbs increase this effect, helping to reduce stress and anxiety and boost our moods. A great example is Chamomile & Valerian, two herbs that help us feel calmer and less anxious.


5. Support Your Digestion

After a meal is a great time to enjoy a cup of herbal tea, since many herbs help to support our digestion. Some of the options for digestive support include peppermint, ginger, shatavari root, and liquorice – all of which can be found in our NutraReflux blend.


6. Boost Your Energy Levels

Let’s face it, the reason that many of us need our morning cup of tea or coffee is that we rely on the energy boost it gives us to get our days started. Fortunately, many herbs have a similar effect, but also help us to feel calm, centred, and focused. Ashwagandha, ginseng, rhodiola, and green tea are all great options for boosting your energy levels. Find them all in NutraBoost.


Choosing a Herbal Tea

We’ve barely scraped the surface of the potential benefits of herbal tea – there are so many different varieties to try.

However, it is vital to choose a high-quality herbal tea if you want to get the true health benefits. Avoid anything that contains filler ingredients or extra flavourings. They shouldn’t be necessary (a good herbal tea tastes great without any extra flavourings), and they won’t give you the benefits that real herbs and botanicals will.

At NutraTea, we take the quality of our herbal teas seriously. Every blend is made from 100% herbal and botanical ingredients – no fillers or flavourings.

We also choose the herbs in each blend carefully to target a particular health benefit, so you can tailor your herbal tea to your own needs. Find out more by exploring the products in our online shop.

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