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Best Herbal Teas for Post-Workout Recovery

After a workout, opt for anti-inflammatory herbal teas like turmeric, ginger, and green tea. Find more options with our list of the best herbal teas for post-workout recovery.

There’s nothing quite like the feeling after a good workout. The tired, happy satisfaction of well-worked muscles leaves you with the sense of a job well done… right up until the soreness and stiffness kick in.

Delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS) is a familiar feeling to anyone who regularly hits the gym – or participates in any other kind of high-intensity exercise. Sometimes it is even welcome – the stiff, tender feeling is a good sign that you’ve pushed yourself and can indicate muscle growth.

However, none of us want to feel stiff and achy for long. And the pain can stop us from getting back into the gym as quickly as we’d like as well.

DOMS typically starts 12-24 hours after a workout – which is why you often won’t notice pain until the next day. It usually peaks at around 48 hours and should then start to ease.

But if you want to speed up that recovery time, there are a few things you can try. Stretching and massage are two options, but fitness enthusiasts are also increasingly turning their attention to what they eat and drink after a workout to aid recovery.

Herbal tea can be an excellent option post-workout. Not only is it hydrating and low in calories, but there are several herbs that can aid recovery by reducing inflammation and relaxing tense muscles.

Here are some of the best herbal teas for post-workout recovery:


1. Ginger

Ginger tea provides a great pick-me-up after a sweaty workout. Naturally warming and energising, this spicy root is packed with anti-inflammatory compounds that can help sore muscles recover faster.

A natural painkiller, ginger also supports blood circulation. And it is often used to ease sore, stiff joints too. Research indicates that supplementing with ginger post-workout can help with muscle pain and support your body with recovery.

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2. Green Tea

Green tea is a popular choice for many athletes and fitness enthusiasts. Rich in antioxidants, it helps to support post-workout recovery by reducing inflammation and protecting against muscle damage.

This herbal tea has other benefits for your workout too. It increases neuromuscular activity, makes you more metabolically flexible, and gives you a boost of energy too.

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3. Turmeric

Famous for its anti-inflammatory properties, turmeric is another great herbal tea for post-workout recovery. Its main ingredient, curcumin, is a powerful antioxidant that helps to protect your muscles against damage.

Studies suggest that supplementing with turmeric can reduce delayed onset muscle soreness, helping you get back to exercise quicker.

Try it in our Turmeric & Cinnamon tea.


4. Cinnamon

While we’re talking about anti-inflammatory herbal teas, we can’t forget to mention cinnamon. This delicious spice has several benefits for post-workout recovery.

Its anti-inflammatory properties can help to reduce muscle inflammation and ease soreness. Cinnamon is a natural painkiller too, gently supporting your body as you recover from a strenuous workout. And it boosts blood circulation, getting fresh oxygen and nutrients to well-worked muscles.

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5. Passionflower

When your muscles are feeling sore and tense, a wonderful herbal tea to try is passionflower. This natural muscle relaxant gently soothes tired muscles, while its anti-inflammatory and antioxidative properties can protect your body from inflammation after exercise.

Passionflower is also traditionally used to encourage sleep – something our bodies especially need after exercise to let our cells repair and grow.

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