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What is the best herbal tea for stamina?

herbal tea for stamina

Do you ever wish there was a herbal tea for stamina? Perhaps an energy boosting drink that could make you more prone to enduring stress, reduce fatigue and exhaustion from any physical or mental activity? 

Well, we can’t guarantee that there’s an herbal tea that will make you a hyperactive wizz, but there are two ingredients that may be transformative for your wellbeing.

Ginseng and ginger. 

When combined, these herbs, alongside other lifestyle factors, can prevent you from feeling fatigued in a midday slump, post-workout session, at work, or even during your period.  

Dive in with us as we break down ginseng and ginger in more detail and talk about energy tea in this article below. 

What are the benefits of ginseng and ginger? 

To understand how these natural herbs for stamina work in a tea, it’s best to discuss their benefits on an individual level.


Adding ginseng to your diet is one of the best ways to improve stamina. This natural herb was used in traditional Chinese medicine for centuries. While there are two types of Ginseng, American and Asian, the Asian one is believed to be more stimulating. 

Ginseng is linked to the following benefits: 

  • High in antioxidants: Ginseng is rich in antioxidants, which can help reduce inflammatory markers, lower damage from oxidative stress, and reduce the risk of chronic disease. 
  • Ease fatigue: Animal studies have shown that ginseng has polysaccharides and polypeptides that can contribute to higher energy production reducing fatigue. 
  • Can support brain function: Ginseng may protect your brain from damage by free radicals, supporting your mood and memory. Research shows that cognitive function may improve in adults who take ginseng for at least five years.
  • It may help immunity: Often, Ginseng is promoted in alternative medicine as a therapy to treat and is used as an ailment to help with influenza and colds. However, more scientific studies are needed to know if it truly helps immunity. 


Another flowering plant native to Southeast Asia is ginger. You’re probably highly familiar with this herb and likely consumed it at some point. But do you know the advantages of eating or drinking ginger? Here are a few common ones:

  • May boost brain function: There are animal studies which suggest the bioactive compounds and antioxidants in ginger can slow down inflammatory responses and reduce the risk of cognitive decline. 
  • Can help regulate digestion: Research shows that people who eat ginger are likely to digest their food twice as fast. The increased movement from the digestive tract can reduce discomfort, bloating, and fatigue, allowing you to feel more energised after meals. 
  • Alleviate menstrual symptoms: Ginger may help reduce menstrual pain and discomfort, helping with energy during periods.

NutraTea Ginseng and Ginger 

Ginger Tea

If you want to enjoy the benefits of ginseng and ginger and feel more energised in your life, then why don’t you try our Ginseng and Ginger herbal tea? It’s one of the best herbal teas for stamina as it only contains just these two power-packed herbs. 

This caffeine-free herbal tea helps promote vitality and stamina. Its blend has been conciously made to plays a role in supporting energy levels and aid digestion. Alongside supporting physical and mental wellbeing, concentration and coordination, helping you to remain more focused in your day.

Other natural herbs for stamina 

Here are some additional herbs you might want to consider if you want to try an alternative stamina tea: 

Liquorice root

This sweet herb may help maintain energy levels. It contains an enzyme known as 11-beta-hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase, which can help increase cortisol levels, making you feel less tired. 

Liquorice & Cinnamon Tea

Try: Liquorice & Cinnamon a vegan friendly caffeine free herbal tea that helps maintain your energy levels and regulation of the nervous system. 


If you’re a sporty person looking for a natural way to feel energised for longer during exercise, peppermint might help. Peppermint oil, in particular, has been linked to increased respiratory production, reduced exertion, and improved cognitive function. 

Raspberry Leaf & Peppermint Tea

Try: Raspberry Leaf & Peppermint tea packed with antioxidants to fight free radicals and a relaxing effect to help you feel calm and ready to focus. 


Turmeric may help with your stamina levels if you live an active lifestyle. It has antiinflammatory properties, can help with muscle recovery, soreness and increase your overall immune health.

Turmeric & Cinnamon Tea

Try: Turmeric and Cinnamon a herbal tea which encourages circulation and promotes immunity. It’s caffeine free and helps invigorate the body. 

Lifestyle factors to increase stamina 

Alongside including natural herbs for stamina into your diet, there are also few lifestyle modifications you can also try making, such as:


A minimum of 150 minutes of exercise every week can improve your heart rate, lungs, and stamina. Strength training, yoga, plyometrics, cardio, and more can help you feel more energised. 


Getting 7-9 hours of sleep every night can help improve memory retention and emotional regulation, which can allow you to feel more focused. Moreover, sleep promotes muscle growth and development, which allows you to feel less fatigued in the daytime. 

Abiding to a healthy diet

Another crucial part of maintaining stamina levels is adhering to a healthy diet. You must fuel your body with an appropriate balance of carbohydrates, proteins, fibres, minerals, and healthy fats. In particular, foods high in vital omega-3 can help boost your cardiac health and regain strength. 


Overall, there’s not one complete herbal tea for stamina that boosts your levels. Ingredients like Ginger and Ginseng, liquorice root, peppermint and turmeric can help you feel more energised. 

Similarly, lifestyle factors such as exercising more frequently, following a healthy diet, and getting a good 7-9 hours of sleep a night can help you feel more invigorated on a daily basis. 

Looking to feel good alongside being energised? 

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