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The Best Herbal Teas for Spring

Spring is nearly here! Embrace the season and enjoy a sense of awakening and revival with our list of the best herbal teas for spring.


Spring is just around the corner and all around us are signs of new life. As the first flowers put out their buds and the trees begin to blossom, we too start to feel awakened after the long, dark winter months.

It may still be on the chilly side, but the days are already longer and we can see signs that warmer weather might be on the horizon. For many of us, spring is a fresh start – a chance to mentally and physically declutter, make plans, and emerge from our winter cocoons.

Traditionally, the start of spring is also a time when many of us look to the natural world for support in revitalising our bodies after months spent huddled indoors. Many of the herbs that begin to emerge at this time of year are great for cleansing our bodies of toxins and excess fluids.

These herbs help us to feel refreshed and revived at the start of the new season – a kind of spring clean for the body. So, in this blog post, we’ll share some of the best herbal teas for spring.


1. Nettle

Packed with nutrients, the humble nettle is a surprisingly useful plant ally for the spring months. Not only is it high in vitamins and minerals to nourish your body, but it also helps to reduce inflammation and keep your bones and joints healthy.

Nettle is also a natural diuretic, helping your body rid itself of excess fluids and supporting your urinary tract health. And if you suffer from hay fever, a cup of nettle tea may give you some relief.

You can find nettle in many of our herbal tea blends. For spring, we especially like it in our NutraTrim blend, which contains herbs that support digestion, fat-burning, and metabolic regulation.

2. Dandelion Root

Another humble hedgerow plant that is often treated as a weed, dandelion has a long history of use as a spring tonic. Like nettle, it is packed with nutrients and is a natural diuretic that can help reduce bloating and water retention.

Dandelion root is also great for supporting your digestive system as you emerge from the winter months. We often eat (and drink) richer, heavier foods during the colder time of the year, as our bodies need the extra calories to stay warm. However, this can take a toll on our livers and digestive systems, so dandelion root tea is useful in supporting our natural detox processes.

We love dandelion root for its many health benefits and use it in several of our teas. At this time of year, we recommend trying it in our NutraRelease tea, which is designed to support your digestion and reduce bloating.

3. Burdock Root

Burdock root is another herbal diuretic, but its benefits don’t stop there. As well as helping your body release toxins, burdock root tea is full of antioxidants, protecting your cells from oxidative stress and reducing inflammation.

Traditionally used to detoxify the blood, burdock root also boosts lymphatic drainage, helping your body rid itself of waste and other unwanted substances. It also supports your liver and the rest of your digestive system – ideal for the start of spring.

Enjoy burdock root alongside other detoxifying herbs in our NutraCleanse herbal tea blend.


4. Milk Thistle

Last but not least on our list is milk thistle, the popular natural hangover remedy and a herb that is well known for supporting the liver in keeping our bodies free from toxins. If you are looking for a way to cleanse your system ready for spring, milk thistle tea is an excellent choice.

As well as protecting your liver, milk thistle helps with blood sugar balance and protects against inflammation. The active ingredient in milk thistle, silymarin, also encourages new bone growth, keeping our bones strong and healthy.

Milk thistle is one of the main ingredients in our NutraCleanse tea and we also recommend trying it in NutraLiver, our premium blend aimed at liver support.