Our Favourite Warming Herbal Teas for Cold Weather

As the temperatures plummet and winter approaches, stay cosy and warm with our favourite herbal teas for cold weather. 


Love it or hate it, the cold weather has definitely arrived. While some might welcome the opportunity to get cosy under a warm blanket and enjoy the dark evenings, others will be too concerned about the heating bills and the lack of sunlight to enjoy the changing seasons. 

Wherever you fall on the scale, we hope that our list of warming herbal teas for cold weather will help you feel toasty and comforted during the autumn and winter months. 

It’s a time of year that invites us to slow down, turn inwards, and reflect. And it is also the perfect time of year to enjoy the delicious scents and smells of a range of spices. From cinnamon to ginger, there’s nothing better to warm you from the inside out. 


  1. Cinnamon & Liquorice

Is there any spice that is better to bring instant comfort and relaxation than cinnamon? For many of us, this delicious spice is the scent of winter itself, bringing to mind mulled wine, French toast, and cinnamon rolls. 

We love to pair cinnamon with liquorice for a warming herbal tea that is naturally sweet without any need for sugar. It’s the perfect blend to keep you feeling cosy when the temperature drops. 

Liquorice Tea


  1. Ginseng & Ginger

Ginger is another truly classic cold weather spice. With its hint of heat, it is guaranteed to give you a warm glow that spreads from the inside out. We also love how this spice helps to boost the immune system and relieve the symptoms of coughs and colds. 

Ginseng is an ideal partner for ginger, complementing it with an earthy flavour that helps you feel grounded and centred during the colder months. And ginseng is another great herb to give your immune system a boost. 

Ginseng Tea


  1. Pine Needle and Rose Hip

For those who celebrate Christmas, pine needle tea is an instant seasonal hit, immediately bringing to mind the smell of Christmas trees, wreaths, and other greenery. Even for those of us who don’t celebrate Christmas, the association between winter and the scent of pine is well-established, making this a perfect herbal tea for cold weather. 

Fortunately, pine needle tea has other benefits at this time of year. It helps to relieve congestion and support the immune system. We love to combine it with tangy rose hips for a vitamin-packed wellness boost. 


  1. Elderberry and Echinacea

Another flavour that makes us feel warm and comforted when it is cold outside is the dark berry sweetness of elderberry tea. Raw, these hedgerow berries pack a tart punch, but when they are dried and made into a tea, they have a mild, earthy sweetness that reminds us of drinking mugs of hot squash as children. 

Elderberries are also packed with vitamin C, making them a popular supplement at this time of year. We like to pair them with floral tones of echinacea to make one of the best herbal teas for cold weather. 

Echinacea Tea



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